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LakeSide Trams

The Hill Glider, which is manufactured
by Lakeside Trams and installed by Horizon
Construction and Testing, is designed to handle
a total distance of 400 feet and a standard load
capacity of 1,000 pounds with larger capacities available. Enjoy your hard to access lake property
with a Hill Glider tram.
• Carriage Dimensions: 42" Wide X 60" Length X 42" High
• Traction Drive that Gives the Hill Glider Soft Starts and Stops
• Speeds of 70 Feet / Minute
• Sides and Flooring is All Composite Material
• Wheelchair Accessibility
• Dual Cable with 9,800 pound breaking strength.
• Control panel is UL compliant.
• Motor brake kit locks when little or no voltage.
• An overspeed governor that releases a braking arm.
• Second tier gear box reducer shuts the system down immediately.
• Sensor that senses too much weight.
There are various options for your tram:
• Choice of Composite Siding
• Canopy
• Storage Shelf
• Removable Marine Quality Seat Cushions
• Seasonal Cover
• Monogrammed Plaque
• Wireless Controls
• Dual Gates
• Galvanizing
• Stainless Steel Cable
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